Friday, July 17, 2009

My Skating Rink Story

This story actually began almost 29 years ago. I had just turned 9 years old and just welcomed my baby brother to our family. My dad dropped my mom, brothers and cousin off at the local skating rink.

As I was skating I fell and broke my arm. I was in shock and thought I had a cramp in my arm begging someone to get it out. The next moment a man came running and picked me up and ran to the office of the rink.

I was sent by ambulance to the hospital where they gave me Demerol which I had an allergic reaction to and slapped the doctor. Then they gave me Valium to counteract it, which I was also allergic too. I hallucinated all night screaming and remember most being terrified of the spiders all over the room. They keep me overnight because they actually suspected my mom being abusive because of my anger towards her. I was upset with her because I didn't understand why she didn't help me. All I wanted was that man who helped me. He did come to the hospital to check on me. I never forgot him.

So now we are a few months ago. I am on Facebook and get a message in my inbox asking if I lived in Hayden. I replied yes and got a friend request from Terri. She asked me if I broke my arm at the skating rink. I replied yes. She immediately IMed me and we talked for a while. Terri is the daughter of the man who helped me who is my age. I never knew she was even there or how scared she was seeing my bone out of my arm. I expressed how her daddy became my hero that day and she replied,"My daddy become my hero that day." I was speechless to see how God used the situation to touch her life too. He works all things for our good.

She went on to tell me that they always thought of me and wondered how I was. Her dad never forgot me and even thought of me a lot and prayed for me. This reached down in my soul to a place of where I had a wound of feeling a loss from my relationship with my father. I wanted a dad who prayed for me and took me to church. As I grew older my dad's drinking problem become evident especially the past 4 years. He is such a kind-hearted man who is bound by alcoholism. This limits my relationship with him and my family. I had been mourning this when I heard Terri's dad had prayed and thought of me. God showed me immediately that although things seem at a loss the thing He is doing that I don't see are for my hope, future and life. To find out I did have a man praying for me all my life completely touched me.

Yesterday I met them all for lunch. I pulled up and smiled at them and immediately felt like I had known them my own life. I got out and walk in like I had lunch with them a thousand times before. There was no awkwardness or nervousness but a feeling of they are my family. I had the best day with them yesterday. God is doing a work in me and healed me yesterday of family problems or lack of relationships in my family. God is my Abba Father and He sends people to be part of your life who change it forever. I sat across from Mr. Chatham and feel like he is a father to me. Him recalling what happened that day and saying he called my home several times to check on me. I never knew that. He said he never forgot me.

Our families grafted together yesterday and I am so thankful that God moved to make this happen for me 29 years ago. I am awed that God my FATHER has every care for me to go before me in my life and plan it for my every benefit and hope. I am so thankful for this family and who they are becoming in my life. God brings the sweetest blessing of family and I am thankful for this one and my own.

I do want to share that my dad has called me more lately sober and we have had long great conversations. I am trusting God to restore my family this year in every way and I know this is just the beginning of the great works He is doing.

Below are some pictures of my day yesterday. To Terri and her have blessed my life so much and God used you to heal me in a way I can never express. It most of all shows me that My Heavenly Father cares for me so much He ordained this to be. I love you all and know how precious you are to me now and always.

I look forward to being part of your lives. I feel like I have always been in it.


annieck said...

AWESOME!!! God is SO good. Thanks for sharing, Julie!

Robbie Raylynn said...

Wow what an awesome story! I love it!!!!!