Friday, May 13, 2011

Loudly Heard in the Silence

God is in every detail of our lives....even the little things. As I was showering last weekend, I said to God silently. "I need that soap over there by the sink".  As I go to open the curtain to yell for Joshua...he walks in. I say... "Baby, please get momma that soap".  He replies,"That is what I am doing." I then add, "Oh yeah?" He said, "God asked me to get that soap for you",  I inquire with some doubt, "Really?" He says... "MOMMA! God hears you even when you are silent." 

I have been meditating on the beauty of silence ever since (still am). It wasn't until the next day during prayer with a woman at church that I realize how powerful the word was for me. I just wept. I am still in awe! He can in a moment speak so much. He showed me He had always heard my silent cries out to Him. This referred not only to deaf ministry but other places in my life that simply hurt. With deaf ministry, I submitted to the authority above me and felt deep heartache at times feeling not heard and with some friendships I felt left behind and seperated but He was calling me to be His best friend. 

There is a time, a season for every thing under Heaven. A time to be lifted up. If you humble yourself, He will exalt you in due time. I was experiencing that. I was so humbled hearing my prayers answered from a year ago. God was speaking to her then.  A true visible voice saying God put this on my heart. He always heard me. ALWAYS!

There is a season of preparation which includes silently crying out, feeling broken and isolated, but in time, after being prepared you can walk fully in the calling placed on your life and walk in a life full of abundance. I am seeing such favor, provision and my confidence is beyond measure. 

This all is a beautiful picture which I can sum up in a verse found in 1 Peter 5:6,7. God actually had Shane mediating on it for a month. I laugh now at the attempts to which he wanted me to memorize it. A word spoken in season is marrow to the bones and joy to the heart. 
It's true God moves in ways we can never comprehend or see, naturally. His ways are higher but what glory given to His name once we recognize His' moving. I am in a season of doing that. A season of reaping, thankfulness and rejoicing. I pray for an unction down deep, a shaking notifying me He has done good works for me.