Monday, July 21, 2008

My Testimony

I became pregnant at age 16 and married in 10th grade. I gave premature birth to Kyle in July of 1988 and he changed my life completely. Never had I known a love like I felt the first time I saw him face to face. At that point my vision to make a way for us was birthed. Throughout a rocky marriage of verbal and physical abuse, my marriage ended when I was 21. Even though I had almost raised Kyle by myself, I was at this point truly alone and raising a confused and hurting 5 year old, not to mention the mess I was. I then welcomed the world as my love, comfort and so to speak divorced the God I barely knew to pursue a relationship with the world.

I still continued on "my way". I went through another abusive relationship and several relationships throughout the years and continued in the world adapting to every thing and enjoying everything it had to offer. I came to the end of my road in 2002. I was very depressed and had started on medication and came to a fork in my journey with two ways to choose. It was at that time God starting calling to me and drawing me. I for once, listened and drew close to Him. He was always there the whole time once I looked back. He always protected me, provided for us and always loved me.

At a prayermeeting in May of 2002, I said the prayer that changed my whole life. I, for the firstime felt the Holy Spirit and have been captivated by Him ever since. I then began a new way but this time it was Jesus' way. I can't say the way was easy. He never said it would be. He simply said I would never be alone.

I meet my husband finally after 2 1/2 years of praying. I meet him at his church while I was visiting and learning more sign language. He is deaf, for now. I am amazed how God prepared me so uniquely for him. We married 3 months later and will be married in November 4 years. We had our son Joshua in September of 2005 after a very hard and difficult pregnancy.

So here I am, Julie, God's maidservant. I am in awe of how He loved me faithfully and still continues to love me. I am so imperfect to serve Him, but somehow He still lets me. He made a way for me to come before Him and become a new creature. He is the way, the truth and defiantely the life. He is the life in me that makes this vessel of any value. We serve a very loving Lord.

I pray this ministered for God's glory and bear with me as I began in the world of blogging.

To God be all the glory and to God may we always go HIS WAY!


Rachael said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! What an amazing testimony! I am so blessed to know your family. You guys are an amazing example!!!

loni lamons hodge said...

i'm blessed to have met you, especially when i did. thank you for your encouraging words and mostly your prayers. i am happy to do what i can on wednesday nights, i know how precious worship time can be and i want to make sure you get your time!
your story is awesome and a true testiment to what our God is capable of. he, indeed, is AMAZING. i'm lifting you and shane up, now and always.