Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Family Photos

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2005Kyle and JoshuaKyle playing drum at storehouse



jennifer said...

Hi Julie! I lived in Oneonta for years and my family has just recently relocated to Mobile. You blog is lovely! Great to come across a fellow believer and almost neighbor!

Be blessed.


jennifer said...

Hi! I am glad that you enjoyed the YouTube video post. I CRIED buckets when I read it.

I wanted to tell you that I don't have any links listed on the Prayerfully Yours site YET. I have GOT to work on that.

But... on the other site listed on my profile, Dust Bunny Hostage, I have a few blogrolls. There are some Christian bloggers listed, Alabama Bloggers, and Southern bloggers, plus my old favorites. On that first Blogroll there is a link for Jimmie Carol. If you will click on her name, she writes for Prayerfully Yours on Thursdays. Her posts in the next few days are going to be good because she is returning from a trip to the Holy Lands!!!!

I think that you may have mentioned that you are new to blogging. Visiting people listed on other folks Blogrolls and commenting is a good way to form friendships. You will be amazed at how much fellow bloggers can come to mean to you. And often there are needs for prayers to offered for them as well. Christians on the internet is a ministry in a way. I have people who read me who are saved and unsaved. What an opportunity!

I guess this comment is LONG ENOUGH! Hah! I just wanted to encourage you in your blogging and hope that you meet other bloggers that you bless and are blessed by!


jennifer said...

It is 11:30. I blame the late hour on the typos in that last message! "...blessed by YOU!"

Tic Tac To, three comments in a row! Sorry to be such a bother!


Rozy Dozy said...

I love your family too!!!!