Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I have to say turning 40 really became a great milestone for me. I finally learned to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. That is, STOP the busyness of life and schedules, LOOK at all the beauty of Abba's creation in my life and LISTEN to His heart and the heart of those I hold precious in my life.

I find in doing this I am truly treasuring moments I never did before. Driving down the road noticing all the beauty of the trees changing colors and as I drive, the leaves fall onto my car as I pass under the beauty of colors and inside my heart I smile and say Abba is throwing me a party. I am finding there is so much unspoken to learn in His creation.

It's truly the little things in life that means the most to your children, family (church and biological) and friends. I am so thankful to stop, look and listen in life's moments to spend time with those closest to me.

I have learn to let go and forgive myself for not being perfect and know I AM WORTHY and ALTOGETHER BEAUTIFUL without any doubts. I let go of the past, embrace the moment and expect His best for my future... and I also learned to paint.  Tonight we didn't go to church and it felt good to be together as a family and simply paint. Ministry does begin at home. =)

Blessings my friends!

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