Friday, June 11, 2010

This Season of Life

God has shown me during the season after LIFE some very valuable things:

1. My family is my most important ministry, but He has reiterated that for me in deeper meaning.

2. To look for Him in all His creation. He has so much to tell me in His creation.

I have changed my view, thoughts and goals recently. Some I had, some I need to make stronger, some I needed to add. His agenda comes first.

This Summer I am slowing down and enjoying all Abba Father has for us. I thought today how simply life should be while being with Joshua. We went to feed the geese and simply came back home. No huge schedule or plans just me and him exploring all God's plans for us.  I am learning to step back and just admire life as God gives it and those He gives to us to enjoy it with.

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