Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Two Cooks & Scrambled Pancakes

I love Sunday mornings. We go to the evening service at church and this creates our time to be a family and enjoy each other without having this or that or places to be.

This morning Joshua and Shane decided to make pancakes, which is often their thing. I always love to watch. Little did I know Joshua watches and remembers all too well. He loves to cook just as much as his daddy and never passes up an opportunity to help cook.

Don't you love his little apron our friend gave him? He is just like daddy =)

So, here Joshua proudly display his pancakes he made. Yes, they look like scrambled eggs because he poured the batter in the pan without butter when I was asking Shane to help me put batteries in my camera to take these pictures.... so they stuck. Hence : Scrambled Pancakes

Here he shows off his "Sara face" from The Land Before Time movie

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They had a great time and I did too observing.
Families are awesome and truly life's greatest treasure.

God bless

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Rachael said...

Sooo fun!!! It looks like you guys had a great time! Tell Joshua I love his scrambled pancakes idea. :)