Monday, August 18, 2008

A Friend Loves At All Times


I recently had to talk with my almost 3 yr old about loving a friend. We had been learning this in our Bible study times at home because he had learned it in church so I felt I needed to follow through at home.

He loves his cousin Olivia or Cia, as he calls her. They are 10 months apart, she being older. They had been arguing and not sharing over certain toys one night so I felt impressed to implement the Word I was teaching. I laid down with him that night and told him the Bible says a friend loves at all times. To my amazement he began weeping hard and said Cia is my best friend. I said yes she is and you are suppose to share and not fight with her. He felt so saddened by his actions and I was honestly shocked he got the revelation of the verse, but he did. Since that time he has been such a good cousin/friend to Cia. He shares and doesn't argue with her.

I think of how Jesus said come like a child and also that there is no greater love than this that a man lays down his life for his friend. Jesus was our friend and continues to be a faithful friend. He did lay His life down for us. I also think of how it says in the the least you done unto these, you have done unto Me. How we treat others is how we treat Jesus. It is amazing with that thought how we would treat people better if we had that revelation. We wouldn't ask Jesus to come into our homes with messes and sin nor would we treat Him wrong and heartless, but He is here in our lives and we do treat Him how we treat others.

I am evaluating myself and how I love others. We are commanded to love one another but I see so much of loving myself more because I can't say I would lay down my life for another or at times I think of others more than myself. I want to be of service for others and love them whole-heartedly and to love at all times.

With all these thoughts I can only can we love God if we can't even love our brothers.

So many people simply need a FRIEND. Someone to walk in this journey in life with, to laugh with, mourn with and grow with.

Thank you Joshua of all your 35 months of life. You have taught me something child-like I can take throughout the rest of mine.

Lord, let us all be friends as you have called us and to think of others rather than ourselves. To reach out to the hurting, lonely and desperate for love. So many people need friends Lord. Help me to be a friend who loves at all times.

In Jesus' name. Amen!

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Rozy Dozy said...

Yeah, I already know about this incident. It touched me as well. He has been such a great friend since his revelation. He reminds himself now without even being prompted to be loving at all times. No fighting. I love that they are so close!!

Sorry didnt make it to the park today. My aunt got in town at 2pm and we had dr. appt at 210 so we just went there directly.

What time going to mom's tomorrow?