Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Am Julie McCay!

Here I am Julie McCay, His Creation, Friend, Child, Maidservant and His Beloved. I stand here at the end of the LIFE Small Group. I sit here simply in awe of God's freedom. I am not the same person I was in February. She was a girl who felt rejected, abused, hurt, mourning her family/friend and losing her joy.  I say goodbye to her today as I sent a letter to my mom. I say goodbye to all those things that aren't who God says I am and I say hello to the future God destined me to live.

THANK YOU! This journey I have been on is all YOU.YOU.YOU. You love me beyond my understanding.You always have. I pray from this moment forward as I walk in my destined time here that I will be with You and do Your will.

You are my Love, my Friend, my Everything and today I praise You and bring You glory for all You have done and will do. I trust You and my hope is in You.

Your Beloved,

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