Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tapestry in the Makers' Hands

Jesus calls to you...gently, lovingly, beckoning His bride to dance with Him. To enter into His chamber room. He has something to show you. A gift of adoration for you.

You see, He sees you're worthy enough for Him. He sees your beauty and is enthralled with it. He sees His fearfully and wonderfully made creation and is pleased..very pleased with your beauty. He shows you off. Saying...Look at her!.. how beautiful she is, as if a refined, perfect diamond of most value.

I stood for prayer last week and saw how Jesus sees me and it finally became live. He calls me worthy, beautiful and His beloved. He is not seeing me in a process or what I used to be, but the end result of His creation perfected. The spirit inside me made in His image. You see we don't see the other side of the colorful tapestry.

Let me take you back to the gift of adoration, you walk in the chamber room and on the bed is a wedding gown made for you. Woven with gold by Him. Especially made for you. Yes... YOU. In the gown it has many beautiful colors representing your life and silver woven as well for the redemption given. Every day of your life is woven in this beautiful tapestry. It tells the story of your life. He puts it on you and crowns you with a crown especially made by Him with jewels hand picked and placed to adorn your head. He then places a gold band around your finger and He finishes preparing you to meet His Father. To show you off to Him. You are His prize possession.

What is your tapestry like? Trust me it is beautiful. Hear the Bridegroom beckon you to come and don't hesitate to go.. run to Him without delay and live out Song of Songs... He has a song for you sing over you and a dance that will last for eternity.
My beloved is mine, and I am his.. Song of Solomon 2:16

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* This post was inspired by a dear friend, Phyllis, who gave me a vision she saw of the bridal gown Jesus was putting on me.

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