Friday, January 29, 2010

The New Year

As I begin this new year I praise God for the challenges I overcame last year and excited about what is to be this year. I find myself feeling more of God's peace and love, especially during this first fruits month. I am finding myself reading a book which as all who know me..know, I don't care very much for reading. Maybe this is the year for changing that. I am excited to take LIFE this small group semester and feel God is moving for me already.

I am anticipating growing in Him and being more in His will. I am so overwhelmed how God cares for us through seasons, years and decades in His loving hands and reminds us ever so softly and lovingly that He loves us and this is all for us. I made no resolutions but have spiritual goals I have set before me this year to accomplish.

I look forward to friendships growing, my children prospering more and my love growing deeper for my husband and completely falling in love daily with Jesus my Bridegroom.

All in all .. I am so thankful to serve JESUS CHRIST  YESHUA.
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