Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Our family does Easter a little different. We feel strongly about observing the Jewish holidays and honoring them. The Bible says to do it throughout all generations.

Today is the beginning of Passover, which means Joshua gets a plunder box. So what is a plunder box you may be wondering. It is a box of things to represent when the Israelites finally were free from slavery and released to leave Egypt and the Egyptians gave them their plunder to go because the death angel had passed over and killed the firstborn of the families whose door was not covered in the blood of the lamb. So Pharaoh ordered them to go. Of course, after God sending Moses many times and bringing plagues.

This morning we had our Bible story time on Passover and Joshua received his plunder box. He received socks because it was a current need, some gold and silver coins to represent the gold and silver given to the Israelites, a chocolate cross representing Christ's death on the cross, candy sports jewelry and sidewalk chalk with 3D glasses.

I love this time of the year and love reflecting on Passover and bringing glory to our LAMB!
The Lamb of God!
He takes away the sins of the world.
Have a blessed Easter!

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reeda paul said...

What a fabulous way to celebrate!! I love that! I asked everyone the other day - "WHAT does a rabbit have to do with Easter and all it represents?" Love the "pluner box"!
Have a blessed and happy Easter!